Museum Rotterdam

  Erik van den Akker

vision & mission

In the Culture Plan for 2021-2024, Museum Rotterdam sets out all the necessary steps to realise the new city museum of the city in 2025-2028: a landmark building in a vibrant location in the city with ample exhibition potential to show the people of Rotterdam, and regional, national and international visitors, that the museum is the first step in the journey to discovering and understanding Rotterdam.

Museum Rotterdam presents itself as the innovative city museum that tells the personal and historic stories of Rotterdam from a local, national and international perspective. Rotterdam, the city that always changes. The second, or perhaps the first, city of the Netherlands. The port city, and the city that rose from the ashes after the bombing of the Second World War. The city that is home to over 170 nationalities. The city with a spectacular skyline. A metropolis with, here and there, traces of a provincial town. This hyper-diverse city is our challenge.

Museum Rotterdam is the museum of the city. A place that welcomes everyone who wants to learn more about Rotterdam, or share their thoughts about the city and where people can help to shape the Rotterdam of the future. Museum Rotterdam wants to forge connections with Rotterdammers, and with national and international visitors. Together we unravel the city’s DNA. Rotterdam belongs to all of us. Museum Rotterdam: the most Rotterdam museum in the world.