Museum Rotterdam


object donations

Museum Rotterdam researches, preserves and makes accessible material relating to the heritage of Rotterdam. We do not accept objects at the Visitors Desk because the museum gives careful consideration to the kind of objects that are appropriate for the museum collection.

What can I donate, and where?

Museum Rotterdam collects objects.
Stadsarchief Rotterdam collects flat materials and recordings.
If you would like to donate prints, cards, photographs, films, sound recordings or paper archival materials, contact the Stadsarchief:

Who do I contact about possible donations?
Send an email to that provides the following information about the object:

  • gift or purchase
  • measurements
  • background information
  • photos
  • connection with the city of Rotterdam

What happens next?
The item offered will be considered carefully during our monthly acquisition meeting. Afterwards, we will contact you to either accept or decline your offer.

What is my object worth?
Museum Rotterdam is unable to make any statement about the value of items. If you would like your object to be valued, contact an auction house or appraiser.