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Party People

Archived exhibition

This exhibition ran from January 12, 2019 to July 28, 2019 in Museum Rotterdam.

Party People is an exhibition that revolves around two generations of entertainment culture that links today’s party trends with the Rotterdam club scene of the 1990s – the decade when it all began. With an authentic underground party vibe, Party People is a must for any partygoer or reveller who danced the night away in one of Rotterdam’s iconic venues. Museum Rotterdam has created an exhibition to spotlight the stars and talents of Rotterdam.

The guest curators and the people who helped make the show.
For this exhibition and the peripheral programming, we’re collaborating with the authentic Rotterdam makers. In the role of guest curators, party icon Ted Langenbach and word artist Derek Otte, zoom in on the Rotterdam underground scene of the late 80s and early 90s. The decade when a DANCE-HOUSE-HIPHOP culture emerges in Rotterdam, and takes the Dutch – and international – clubs by storm. From today's digital creative culture and creatives, they look back at the city’s analogue offline pioneers. DJ & festival organiser Frank Dros and photographer Naomi van Heck, connoisseurs of and players in the current nightlife scene, focus on current events. Music, fashion, photography, video, graphics, literature, spoken word, performance, art and design merge in a compelling exhibition. What’s unique about this exhibition is that it was entirely created by people from the scene. More than 50 stylists, DJs, performers, rappers, spoken word artists, festivals, shops and brands collaborated on the show*.

"Party People is an exhibition that pays tribute to all of Rotterdam’s party people! They pioneered dance in Rotterdam and inspired a new generation of DJs and artists to take over the world. Dance is Rotterdam’s No. 1 export product! ", says guest curator Ted Langenbach.

What to expect
Party People offers an insider view from different perspectives – from DJs, MCs, musicians and producers to stylists, fashion designers, photographers and collectors. The exhibition is staged as a journey through the Rotterdam night, where visitors will experience every facet of the club scene. Think of the door host, DJ booth, the stage, the dance floor, party scene fashion, as well as the mysterious darkroom and the infamous afterparty. The centrepiece of the show is, of course, music. Studio VollaersZwart created the design. They guarantee stunning exhibition visuals, with a concept that ecstatically erupts out of the exhibition space. Party People will get the entire building – and the city – dancing!