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Exhibition (archived)

  Henk Jonker/ MAI

Women of Rotterdam

Vrouwen Van Rotterdam Pers
Bron: Historische collectie politie-eenheid Rotterdam

The rebuilding of Rotterdam is often cast as a heroic period, in which strategising, men, buildings and builders feature heavily. But what role did women play in this story of our city?

It is precisely during this time that the position of women changed significantly. Whereas housewives had no legal capacity at the start of the reconstruction, a generation of women protesters had arisen by the 1960s and 1970s. Each and every one of them participated in the efforts to rebuild the city in her own way.

Visual 3
Bron: Ary Groeneveld / Stadsarchief Rotterdam

A number of women from the city of Rotterdam have contributed to this exhibition. Here are their stories for you to explore, while they pass by in garments typical of their time, with the reconstruction providing the backdrop. Together with photographs and items from the extensive collection at Museum Rotterdam, authentic portraits of “ordinary women” emerge.

Famous women, in their capacity as role models in a time of widespread change, are also featured. To conclude this exhibition, we offer video portraits of women who make their mark on Rotterdam as we know it today.

Our tribute to women will continue to move with the times. The exhibition will be expanded with stories, items and advice from the women of those days as well as portraits of our young women of today.  

This exhibition has been organised in a collaborative effort between Museum Rotterdam and Zonta Club Rotterdam.

Archived exhibition

This exhibition ran from February 18, 2017 to October 1, 2017 in Museum Rotterdam.