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  Campagnebeeld 750 Jaar Rotte | dam Martin Valkhoff

750 years Rotte | dam

Rdam 750 Jaar
Bron: Martin Valkhoff

Back in the early ‘90s, Rotterdam archaeologists investigated the dam Rotterdam owes its name to. Deep below the surface, at the construction site of the Willemsspoortunnel, they make a sensational discovery: a complete boat underneath the dam! The punter-like vessel had been used to close the last part of the dam. The wood the boat was made from also revealed when the dam was built: around the year 1270. This little ship, which made the founding of our city possible 750 years ago, is now on display for the first time in Museum Rotterdam.

The boat is a sensational Rotterdam relic: the punter is - almost literally - the foundation of our world port city. The first Rotterdammers built their houses on the dam in the Rotte. In addition to the original punter, the exhibition shows the age-old bond between Rotterdam, shipping and water management. From the ingenious drainage sluices in the medieval dam to the latest rain radar and smart roofs.

This exhibition was made possible in collaboration with Archaeology Rotterdam (BOOR) and shows until 21th of March 2021.

Gearchiveerde tentoonstelling

Deze tentoonstelling liep van 5 september 2020 tot 21 maart 2021 in Museum Rotterdam.