Museum Rotterdam

  Erik van den Akker

our story

Museum Rotterdam has one location that is dedicated to the Second World War and the impact of the May 1940 bombing on Rotterdam.

Historic collection
The heart of Museum Rotterdam is our collection. For over a century, we have collected compelling objects about Rotterdam. Today, our collection houses over one hundred and ten thousand objects, an increasing number of which can be viewed on our website.

New Rotterdam heritage
Museum Rotterdam is more than a city museum crammed with historical objects. The museum also celebrates life in modern day Rotterdam. We visit local communities and, in partnership with Rotterdammers, identify the modern city’s DNA. The resulting exhibitions feature objects, photos and videos that tell the stories of contemporary Rotterdammers. This participative project, dedicated to identifying, preserving and presenting the city’s heritage, is unique in Europe.

Connecting past, present & future
Important Rotterdam themes such as the city’s no-nonsense work ethic, care, migration, renewal and religion are the common thread that runs through our collection. In the museum, these themes connect past and present: members of medieval guilds aren’t so different from today’s freelancers, and the dockworker in a hundred-year-old painting shares many similarities with Kamen, a construction worker from eastern Europe. Comparing the lives of Rotterdammers then and now brings the past to life. You discover so much more about the city and its people – past, present and future. And when you leave Museum Rotterdam, you’ll love our colourful, enterprising and forward-thinking metropolis all the more.

War and bombing The traditional OorlogsVerzetsMuseum was transformed into Museum Rotterdam ’40-’45 NU. The Second World War and the bombing, both inextricably linked to Rotterdam, take centre stage and are explored in a unique, immersive experience. The stories of then are still relevant today. Every day we hear stories of people fleeing from war zones. Our museum shows that peace, liberty and safety cannot be taken for granted, and allows you to experience the impact of war in an installation as dramatic as it is unforgettable.

Museum Rotterdam. The most Rotterdam museum in the world.